This class is exactly what I needed as I go into tournament season.
January 23, 2018
I was able to get on target and aim better than ever before
November 30, 2018

Life changing

I herd about Joel from a friend who had taken his class. “Mind Blown” is what he said, “never thought about my shot that much”. Knowing I had issues and wanting to better my shot I was lucky enough to meet Joel in person. I have taken his class 3 times now, hosting 1 event at our shop. My entire shot process, including rifles, archery and elk calling have all be drastically changed. I no longer worry about my shot results as I know when following the shot process that it will be perfect every time. My grouping is better with all weapons and my anxiousness during the moment of shot while hunting is gone till the animal hits the ground!

Morgan Gamble

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