Recent surveys I have done with well known guides has revealed that these guides are dealing with over a 50% miss rate with their clientele. As a guide, you are dealing with whatever shooting skill level the client brings to the hunt. For some clients, they may have a vast experience in high stress shooting, but for the most part, clients are stuck in the same frustration as most people when it comes to shot control. Most clients show up on a hunt with hope as their only weapon. Sure, they have practiced all year for this hunt, but did they practice the mental skills of concentration and decision making?

As a ShotIQ Certified Guide, you will learn the skills necessary to override the stress of the client. You will learn the intricacies of transferring shot control to the client at the moment of truth. You will no longer be at the mercy of the client’s experience level. You will know how to have complete control of the client’s shot process. This is a very powerful skill set and one that will set the guide apart from the rest.

In the arena of elk hunting, are you using a calling strategy that forces you to separate from your client. Separation from the client is the first step of becoming a victim of the client’s skill level. What if there was a calling strategy that allowed the guide to be right in the back pocket of the client? Being at a distance that allows the guide to mentally control the client’s actions and shot process will yield a more successful client. There is science to missing just as there is science in shot control and the transfer of that control from one person to another. Choose the science of success. Raise your ShotIQ and set yourself apart from the rest.

Guides using our system see a 50-70% improvement in their client harvest rates.

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I went through your shot process in my mind before each shot.

Hey man, I just wanted to say thank you. I used your process and executed two perfect shots on two elk in 7 days. One in California at Tejon Ranch and one in Utah at the Deseret. The Deseret one… Read more “I went through your shot process in my mind before each shot.”

Joe Rogan

Without Hesitation, I Let The Arrow Fly. Bull down. Biggest Bull Of My Life

A hunter friend told me to Google Ironmind for info on a call that works to bring in bulls (bull calling cows call).  I watched Joel’s video and it made sense.  Two days later I go to meet friends in the dark… Read more “Without Hesitation, I Let The Arrow Fly. Bull down. Biggest Bull Of My Life”

Bill Swenson

Thanks For The Best Hunt I Have Had In 32 years!!!

I have known Joel Turner for about 10 years and in 2013 I had the pleasure of hunting Wyoming with him. As we drove the 17 hours to our destination I listened with great anticipation as Joel explained what we… Read more “Thanks For The Best Hunt I Have Had In 32 years!!!”

Adam Wood

Archery Enlightenment

The illusions and falsities of good archery has eluded me for a decade plus of shooting traditional gear and 2.5 decades of total shooting bows and arrows.  I have always been able to achieved and work towards a goal in… Read more “Archery Enlightenment”

Randy Flood

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