ShotIQ is the new brand that was born from Ironmind Hunting. We wanted to do more. The goal of ShotIQ is to bring shooters control through knowledge. We wanted to lay out the complete blueprint of shot control and end the frustration of all shooters, no matter the weapon. This knowledge transcends all weapon systems and unlocks the shooting mind.

The letters “IQ” stand for Intelligence Quotient. A person’s IQ is derived from several standardized tests that measure cognitive ability. But, these tests measure cognition in the skill sets of math, science, languages, etc. Have you ever taken a test to measure your cognitive ability during a high stress shooting event?

At ShotIQ, we want you to perform at your cognitive best during the worst times for the human mind. The shooting mind of the human is a super efficient machine. However, that does not make it the most accurate machine. To put efficiency into precision under stress takes knowledge, knowledge of how the mind works and how it attempts to protect the body.

Gaining this knowledge has taken a lifetime of failure, success, and analysis. The analysis of shots taken under extreme stress has led to a system of instruction. That system is Controlled Process Shooting. This system will teach you WHAT decisions must be made in a shot, specifically WHEN to make these decisions, and scientifically HOW to carry these decisions out. Do not allow your mind to follow the natural path of shot anticipation. Destroy target panic at its core. End the frustration. Raise your ShotIQ.


I became a police officer in 2001. I graduated at the top of my class in firearms, but more importantly, the person I trained while I was a recruit in the academy came in second. I was an officer for two years before I became a firearms instructor and truly found my calling, mental shooting instruction.

There was so much emphasis on the physicality of shooting that the mental side of extreme stress shooting events seemed to be a big secret. It was like you had to experience a lethal force encounter and just hope you made it through. But even those that made it through their moment of truth, were never asked the right questions to figure out HOW they did it. I was a good shot, but I had never analyzed HOW I did it. It wasn’t until I started really comparing my successes and my failures that I realized there is a blueprint for success. There is a way to make a plan and there is science to carrying out that plan. I became the Lead Firearms Instructor at the Basic Law Enforcement Academy in 2009. That is where my analysis and research came together to form Controlled Process Shooting and ShotIQ.

Advanced Cadre for Level 1 Handgun, Level 2 Handgun, Patrol Rifle, and Sniper Courses
Lead Firearms Instructor for WSCJTC Basic Law Enforcement Academy
Lead Firearms Instructor and Sniper Team Leader TCSO SWAT
I shot my first bow at the age of seven. From the first time I saw the spinning flight of that arrow, I was completely immersed. Archery became my life.

However, by the age of eight, target panic had engulfed me. This frustration carried all the way through to my adult life. I read everything, tried everything, hoping for that magic method to cure me of this ailment. It wasn’t until I began the analysis process of my firearms shot that I realized there is no method out there that will work for me, I had to work for it, but I didn’t know HOW to do the work. Research into my many failures and my few successes began the workings of the blueprint to control. Once I realized the two facts that target panic is the mind’s natural path of efficiency and the core problem of the shooting mind is pre ignition movements, I was able to develop the system of Controlled Process Shooting. More importantly, I was able to present a system of instruction that conveyed this message in common sense terms. Target panic is within all of us. It takes decisions, determination and knowledge to even be able to take the first steps down the path of shot control. The path, however, is very short when you put those key components together. Myself and those I instruct enjoy archery one perfectly controlled shot at a time.

Featured on numerous podcasts on Controlled Process Shooting
Author of several articles on Target Panic and Shot Control
Presenter of clinics and seminars nationally on Target Panic
Developed an online course in Controlled Process Shooting for Archery
I began hunting while riding in a backpack carried by my father. I harvested my first deer with a rifle at the age of 12. That shot was completely out of control and it was only luck that made that bullet connect. My early hunting career was fraught with failure.

I harvested my first deer with a bow at the age of 15. That shot too was completely out of control. I was deep in the throws of target panic in my early days and that malady followed me into my 30’s. It took me 13 years to harvest a bull elk with my bow. My lack of success was not because of a lack of opportunities. I have been fortunate enough to hold two RMEF Professional World Championships in elk calling. That being said, I have no problem getting bulls close, I just didn’t know HOW to control my shooting. I had to take the science I had figured out in the firearms realm and transfer it into my archery shot, it only made sense. Now that I have complete control of my shot, my hunting success has grown exponentially. I can now predict my own future in shot control. When I get a shot in the field, I will shoot a controlled arrow, no matter what. Further, I have a very specific blueprint on HOW I will do that. I now know WHAT decisions to make in a shot, WHEN to make them within the shot, and scientifically HOW to carry those decisions out. What a powerful feeling it is to know how your next moment of truth will be controlled.

Featured in several articles and podcasts involving the control of “Buck Fever” and Target Panic
Presented numerous seminars nationally on the concept of Instinctive Elk Calling