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October 26, 2017
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October 26, 2017


Every consistently successful hunter gets there. It just depends on how much time you waste getting there. It is the turning point. It is the point at which every successful hunter finally reaches through frustration. It is the point at which we finally decide what we are doing is not working. It is the point at which we finally buckle down and get ourselves through a stressful shooting event with pure determination and decision making.

Have you ever interviewed a consistently successful hunter? Have you ever asked that person when it all came together for them. If you ever ask that question, that successful person will tell you about their turning point. You will hear a story about a trophy animal and how they shot without control of their movements. Most people’s turning point comes after years of missed shots and mediocre success. Listen intently to the story and you will hear how that person now does it differently. But what is the difference that happens after the turning point? The difference is in the decisions that are made within a shot, when those decisions are made, and that person’s plan on how to carry those decisions out. Through sheer determination, that person now has a plan on HOW they are going to make that shot, and they know HOW to carry out that plan.

Unfortunately, most people’s turning point comes after years of heartache and missed opportunities. Mine came 17 years into my hunting career. For 17 years, I lived in the land of mediocrity. I had limited success, and numerous failures. I had not yet decided to succeed. My turning point came in 2008 when instead of shooting another failed shot, I let a shot down on a South Texas hog. I had had enough. Enough of the uncontrolled shots, enough of the misses. After I let that string down one time on a shot I really wanted to shoot, I started to make decisions. I gathered up as much determination as I could muster. The beautiful thing was, I analyzed HOW I did it. In that moment among the thorns of the South Texas brush, I formulated the blueprint for the controlled shot under stress.

My goal with Ironmind Hunting is to get the shooter to that turning point much quicker. Time need not be wasted with trial and error. Many of us have already made those errors for you. Instead of reaching the turning point through seasons of frustration, get past the turning point NOW through knowledge. Knowledge of what decisions must be made, when to make those decisions within a shot, and HOW to carry those crucial decisions out.

The upcoming season should not be used as another stepping stone towards your turning point. Go into this season with knowledge. Go into this season with determination and the mental tools to direct that determination at the moment of truth.

If you are a successful hunter, analyze your successes and your failures. You will see the difference lies in the decisions that were made and the silent words that were spoken. Gain the knowledge at to get through your turning point before that shot of a lifetime.

Joel Turner

Founder of Ironmind Hunting, LLC

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