Joel Is An Exceptional Teacher
October 23, 2017
It Wasn’t Until I Met Joel And Listened To His Advise That I Understood
October 23, 2017

Your System Has Allowed Me To Crush My Target Panic

I spoke to you last Thursday, 8/17 and we talked about my problems at the IBO Worlds, being committed to working for the system and the science of motor control feedback loop. 

I just wanted to touch base with you as promised and to let you know that I really worked for the system at yesterday’s tournament and the system worked. I really controlled each shot even though I was really on edge shooting with a lot of eyes on me at times. I was actually more nervous yesterday than at the IBO Worlds just two weeks ago. I consciously committed to the system for each shot yesterday and only failed on 3 out of the 57 shots (94% Success) for the course (that’s a huge improvement in less than a week). 

The course was very challenging and consisted of a combination of IBO 3D targets, and NFAA Field, Hunter, Animal, Vegas, and FITA target faces at distances up to 60 yards. In the end I earned first place, but more importantly I really gained a new hands on understanding of the system. 

Your system has allowed me to crush my target panic and regain absolute control of my shot focus. I certainly could not have made it happen without your generosity and your time to personally answer my questions and to analyze my problems. Your explanation of what’s going on in my head has really opened up a whole new world of shot control to me. I can’t wait for your new book and video series to be released. It’s hard to believe that I was a complete target panicked basket case just a few months ago just trying to make it through our winter 3D league in one piece. 

Thank you and best of luck on your elk hunt! 

PS – I will also write a review of my experience with Ironmind Hunting in Archery Talk under the Traditional discussion area.Eric Yost

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