It Wasn’t Until I Met Joel And Listened To His Advise That I Understood
October 23, 2017
I Almost Gave Up On Shooting a Bow
October 23, 2017

Thanks For The Best Hunt I Have Had In 32 years!!!

I have known Joel Turner for about 10 years and in 2013 I had the pleasure of hunting Wyoming with him. As we drove the 17 hours to our destination I listened with great anticipation as Joel explained what we were going to hear and how he was going to “bring that bull in on a rope”. When we arrived at our destination the excitement couldn’t have been higher. We loaded our packs with everything we would need for 5 days in the back country. The first night we were awoken by the clambering of horns as two Bulls fought just yards from our tents.

Over the next two days we encountered several Bulls but none that we were looking for. On the third day Joel did his locate call and we got several responses and headed towards what Joel said was going to be a great bull. When we got close all of a sudden Joel motions for me to get to the edge of the hill. My heart was racing as I approached the ridge, when suddenly I saw the tips of horn coming straight towards me. I could hear Joel in my head telling “antler tips to eye balls is all the time you will get to get to full draw”. I immediately got to full draw and kneeled down as the antlers continued towards me.

When the bull got to the top of the ridge he was about 7 yards away from me when he let out a deep bugle in response to Joel’s  “bull calling cows bugle”. The bull was straight on and I contemplated taking the shot when I remembered Joel telling me that when the bull reaches the ridge he will parade left or right giving me a broad side shot. In what seemed like forever as I struggled to keep my bow at full draw the bull suddenly turned to his left and began his parade just as Joel had said. I let my arrow fly and watched as it buried in his right shoulder. The bull spun around and went back down the hill about 20 yards before piling up!!  I had just killed my first bull with a bow (6X6) and credit Joel with the time he spent with me shooting and the amazing way he “speaks their language”. 

Thanks for the best hunt I have had in 32 years!!!

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