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October 23, 2017

Joel’s No Nonsense Way Of Teaching Really Drilled The Concepts Home

I took up bow-hunting again about 4 years ago after a 30 year break.  I didn’t think that I had target panic, but have had the opportunity to take firearms classes from Joel in the past and knew that there was always room for improvement.  Having learned from Joel before, I thought I had a pretty good grasp of what was going to be taught and this would be a “tune-up”.  I was dead wrong.

What I found was that my mind was all over the place during my shot sequence and I was not concentrating effectively at all.  Joel’s no nonsense way of teaching really drilled the concepts home and made perfect sense.  This class really makes you look at shooting a bow differently and I cannot see how anyone could take it and not come out a better shooter and hunter.  And that’s just the shooting part of the class.  The calling advice and bow tuning and equipment set-up information are also terrific.

I cannot recommend highly enough.  Take the class, you won’t be sorry.

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