He’s the Best Archery Shooting Instructor On The Planet
October 23, 2017
Your System Has Allowed Me To Crush My Target Panic
October 23, 2017

Joel Is An Exceptional Teacher

As I was visiting exhibits at the 2009 RMEF convention, I heard the clearest, most realistic, cow calls echoing thru the halls; I told my friend Ron Owens, I’ve got to meet & become friends with whomever is making that mystical,magical sound!  Lured in just like a “love sick” bull, I followed the perfectly pitched mews to the Cabela’s booth which was being manned by my good friend Steve Chappell.

Steve introduced me to the guy responsible for “Calling me in” & his name was Joel Turner. Being a student of the elk hunting game for nearly two decades I realized within minutes of our introduction, I could learn a lot from this fellow!  Since that time, Joel & I have shared many elk camps, traditional archery shoots & countless days with Joel sharing his knowledge of elk calling techniques & tactics to applying the science of mental mechanics in the shooting world both archery & firearms. Joel is an exceptional teacher who not only possess the knowledge but also the patience & method of delivery that even the most stubborn can learn from!

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