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November 30, 2018
Frustration Free Success
May 7, 2019

It Really Works! I Never Thought I Had Target Panic! Well I Don’t Anymore.

I am writing to say thank you, your course has helped me dramatically. I have gone from missing the target to shooting 10 zones at 90 meters! I have watched and re watched and will still watch your course as there is always something that pops out for me to improve on. I no longer shoot bad arrows and if one gets through I am able to tell straight away what was wrong with my own shot. I have a shot cycle I follow each and every time. With lots of exercise for my bow arm as I was sometimes struggling to hold the bow up and lots of practice I have become a much better archer. I have won one gold medal and two third place trophies. I always recommend your course, but sadly many don’t think there is anything wrong with there shooting, and they don’t understand the effects of target panic, thanks to you and your course I do.

Every blessing in Christ
Mr Stephen Channon veteran
Southampton England

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