When I follow Joel’s system I am on the mark. 
October 23, 2017
Can’t Wait To Continue Working And Improving!!
October 23, 2017

Archery Enlightenment

The illusions and falsities of good archery has eluded me for a decade plus of shooting traditional gear and 2.5 decades of total shooting bows and arrows.  I have always been able to achieved and work towards a goal in my life, but good archery shooting has been the most difficult mental monster to tame.

I have above average athletic ability, above average intelligence, and above average dedication to getting better at shooting archery, but the results have up until my “ archery enlightenment” with Joel Turner been consistently below average, to downright disgusting.

This is coming from a guy that was runner up NCAA National Champion in Alpine skiing in 1998, Co-MVP of my High School soccer team, could do a standing backflip, and the first day I attempted a giant swing in gymnastics I was able to do it.  I have never worked harder or been more dedicated than trying to get better at archery.

I have known that I have target panic for many years, and have tried so many different things to attempt to cure this bastard.  I feel like I have tried everything short of retiring from bowhunting.  I have read books, bought DVD’s and spent countless hours on Youtube, trying to figure this stuff out.  I have bought shot trainers, clickers, done blank/blind bail shooting, and this summer I dedicated to 1,000 draws without shooting an arrow to attempt to get control.  None of this stuff was working, because I did not know “the how” to concur the brain.

I knew I had two different forms of target panic, drive-by shootings, and not able to get to full draw.  The drive by shooting occurred as a circumvent to short drawing.  So I would draw off target, swing the bow to on target so as to have that nice feeling of being at full draw upon release.  Nothing, I mean nothing I was doing allowed me be a good shot or have a shot that was in control.

This anger, frustration, finally motivated me to get Joel Turner to come to our area and present a class.

And his class, I call it my day of “archery enlightenment”, the combinations of 25 years of not understanding this enigma of shooting the bow and arrow well, when everything else in my life I could achieve.

For thousands of years, man has tried to better himself with the bow, and for thousands of years instructors have attempted to teach the shooting of the bow.  It might be that Joel Turner is the first instructor in history to be able to take any archer to a place of shot control.  Nothing I have every read, seen in a DVD or on Youtube Video compares to the experience of his class.  For me, Joel Turner has been the Albert Einstein of archery.

I write this on the heels of just having taken the class, so I can’t present you with any accolades of archery accomplishments.  I can only tell you that I have the confidence that I can walk onto a 3D target range and hit vitals every time.

And that my fellow archers is a far cry from where I was before taking instruction!


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