October 26, 2017

My Crazy 2015 Elk Season

The 2015 season came with much anticipation.  I had been giving elk calling the shooting seminars all year and it was time to practice what I preach.  My elk journey started in Idaho on September 2nd.  We arrived in our area and had only minimal information on where the elk might be.  I strapped on my new KUIU Icon Pro 5200 pack and climbed to the highest peak we could find.  Unfortunately, we climbed the wrong mountain, but we were fortunate enough to glass up a dandy bull on an adjacent mountain at daylight the next day.  We scrambled through the drainage and found that bull on a very thick, brushy hillside.  He bugled to my relocation cow call and it was on.  My buddy and I crept closer and when I felt we were close enough to his cows, I let out the infamous Bull Calling Cows Bugle.  The huge herd bull responded with his challenge and he was soon within 10 yards of my buddy, who was at full draw. A small limb saved that herd bull, but chalk up another call-in using that sound.  I called in two more dandy bulls for my buddy in the short time I had in Idaho, but the limbs in Idaho were arrow magnets.  I was able to call in a cow to approximately 7 feet in Idaho.  She came in to my calf in distress calls, and as you can see on the video, I made her a movie star.  On to New Mexico.

I drove from Idaho to another friend’s place in Southern Colorado.  From there, we drove to New Mexico, where he had a landowner tag.  The bulls kept us up that night and they were on fire at daybreak.  I called in the first herd bull with the Bull Calling Cows Bugle  (BCC) in the first hour.  Because of thick oak brush, my friend was not able to get the shot.  It was not until that evening, when another herd bull piped off and we closed the distance on his cows.  As you can see on the video, one BCC was all it took.  Congrats to my buddy for making a great shot with his longbow.  On to Colorado.

From New Mexico, I drove back to Colorado to call for another friend.  This was one of the most incredible pieces of elk habitat I have ever had the fortune of stepping foot on.  I called in six 6×6 bulls in two days.  My friend opted not to shoot any of them because he has a strict limit of not taking a bull unless it is 330” or better.  We had a few that were close to that number, but none that would tip the scales.  The calling action was incredible as can be heard from the audio files on the video.  The BCC was in full effect and those bulls were being very protective of their cows.

From Colorado, I came back to Washington to see the family and hopefully get to do some hunting of my own.  I called in a tremendous 6×6 for another friend that he took at 13 yards.  The season passed without me being able to hunt much for myself, but it was a fantastic season none the less.  I got to meet new people and share in their successes.  I visited new ground and tested my calling strategies in places I had never set foot before.  I am happy to report the strategies rang true and I was able to call in 16 bulls to within 40 yards or less for my friends.

I started hunting elk with a bow at 14 years of age.  It took me 13 years to harvest a bull elk with my bow. With the knowledge being provided at

IRONMINDHUNTING.COM, there is no reason for someone to have to endure the hardships and steep learning curve that I experienced.  We don’t know how many more seasons we will be blessed with.  Life is too short not to have this information.  I want people to have the success I now experience in calling and shooting.  For that reason, I urge you to share the videos, attend a clinic, and invest in your own success.  Control your game with IRONMIND HUNTING.

Decide to Succeed,

Joel Turner


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