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October 26, 2017
Controlled Process Shooting
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March 28, 2018

Controlled Process Shooting Immersion Clinic

Imagine learning an innovative method of total shot control in the morning, and then being able to test that newly gained knowledge in actual live hunting situations in the afternoon.

This idea for a fully immersive shooting clinic came to fruition this year in Texas.  Tom Clum of Rocky Mountain Specialty Gear and Jay Folta of Texas brought this epic event to life in mid March just outside of Abilene Texas.

I received a call from Tom and Jay asking me if we could do an immersion clinic where the clients would learn the Controlled Process Shooting Program and then instantly be able to test their shot control on hogs, same day.  I loved the idea.  Where else can you actually test your Ironmind on live animals immediately after acquiring the blueprint to shot control?

We figured out the logistics and Tom sent out an email.  The ten spots in the Immersion Clinic sold out in less than one hour.  Bowhunters are all seeking this information and to my knowledge there had never been anything like this before.

Thursday morning brought eager bowhunters hungry for this information and the opportunity to test their Ironmind.  I performed the Controlled Process Shooting Program and Tom Clum did an incredible form clinic to give the students the entire package.  The transformation of the students from that first morning to just that afternoon when they were going out on their first hunt of the trip was nothing short of awesome.  Several hogs were taken throughout the clinic but all shots that were taken were shot with control.  This clinic was about formulating the blueprint for the controlled shot and being able to implement that blueprint, under stress, in an actual hunting event.


The smiles and the stories at night were fascinating to see and listen to.  It is rare as an instructor to be able to truly put your students in the stressful situations for which you are training them.  I had the honor of hunting with most of the students throughout the four days and got to experience their shot control with them.  It was amazing to watch.

Next year, we plan on doing two immersion clinics.  Will you be there?  Stay tuned to ironmindhunting.com and rmsgear.com for dates and details.

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  1. Larry Darryl says:

    I would like to go to the clinic this year. Alex and I are good buddies. Can you get me in?

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