ShotIQ is the new brand that was born from Ironmind Hunting. We wanted to do more. The goal of ShotIQ is to bring shooters control through knowledge. We wanted to lay out the complete blueprint of shot control and end the frustration of all shooters, no matter the weapon. This knowledge transcends all weapon systems and unlocks the shooting mind.

The letters “IQ” stand for Intelligence Quotient. A person’s IQ is derived from several standardized tests that measure cognitive ability. But, these tests measure cognition in the skill sets of math, science, languages, etc. Have you ever taken a test to measure your cognitive ability during a high stress shooting event?

At ShotIQ, we want you to perform at your cognitive best during the worst times for the human mind. The shooting mind of the human is a super efficient machine. However, that does not make it the most accurate machine. To put efficiency into precision under stress takes knowledge, knowledge of how the mind works and how it attempts to protect the body.

Gaining this knowledge has taken a lifetime of failure, success, and analysis. The analysis of shots taken under extreme stress has led to a system of instruction. That system is Controlled Process Shooting. This system will teach you WHAT decisions must be made in a shot, specifically WHEN to make these decisions, and scientifically HOW to carry these decisions out. Do not allow your mind to follow the natural path of shot anticipation. Destroy target panic at its core. End the frustration. Raise your ShotIQ.