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March 28, 2018

3 Tips to Improve your Shooting Range Target

shooting range target

3 Tips to Improve your Shooting Range Target

I know many who wants to become an archer and represent their country in various international platforms.  In order to do so, you need the proper guidance and coaching. This is where all our aspiring archers get stuck because of the lack of proper guidance. If you want to become a good archer then you definitely need to improve your shooting range target.


If you are interested in improving your Shot IQ then I will give you three tips so that you can improve it. So, let’s see these tips.


Visualize your Target


Visualizing the target is a technique which is used by many famous archers.  When you are visualizing your target, you are indirectly putting all your focus and concentration on that target. You can project in your mind a scene in which an arrow is flying towards the target and hitting it bullseye. With this approach, all your muscles become active which allows you to hit the target with perfection.


Wonk on your Follow Through


Most archers who are not properly trained, tend to focus more on the arm doing the pulling work. Whereas, in my opinion, the archers should also be focused on their follow through. If you want to get proper posture and balance then you would have to put equal pressure on both the arms. This helps you to get eliminate any tiny jerk that can throw your arrow wide by equalling the skeletal structure. When both of your arms are properly in position then you will be able to take the perfect posture which will enable you to release the arrow in a much smoother manner and more often than not, hit the target accurately.


Imagine this is your Last Shot


In martial arts, the common mindset at the beginning would be that you are in a life or death situation and anything can happen. The same goes for archery as well. Whenever you are shooting an arrow, just think that it is the last shot of your life. In this way, you will be able to concentrate fully on that shot. It is one of the best target shooting solutions according to me if you want to hit the target bullseye more often than not.


So, if your main aim is to aim at the target accurate and hit the bullseye regularly then these three tips can help you to do so immensely. Thus, practice hard, improve your game day by day and shine on the big stages.

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